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Shade cover - Classic Models

Shade cover - Classic Models
  • Shade cover - Classic Models
  • Shade cover - Classic Models


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Product Description

Mini greenhouse cover to provide shade. Cover available in 3 sizes for metric size frames in the classic freestanding and lean-to range.

Reduces light entering the Mini-greenhouse by 70%, keeping the interior cooler. Ideal for South facing walls or for growing delicate plants later in the season. During Winter, the shade cover provides an insulation layer.

3 sizes available 3'4" (1.0m) 5'0" (1.51m) 6'5" (1.94m)

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Customer Reviews

Excellent quality and fast delivery, however, I would have preferred the shade to cover the whole height of my mini greenhouse and have had to resort to adding extra shading material to cover the bottom half. Just a suggestion - how about adding a full height cover to your accessories list?
Easy to fit and use. It is very effective for keeping the temperature down in my mini-greenhouse fitted to a south-facing wall.
I find the shade cover really useful in combination with the louvre vent to control the heat. Currently 33 degrees outside!! so I am finding it essential.
Does just what it says on the tin!
My only comment is when not in use. Some means of holding back would be helpful. I use a Broom Stick to roll it in and then wedge it. [Editors note: There are actually rubber straps to hold it in the rolled up position as in the 2nd photo]

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