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Access ADM Dilutor

Access ADM Dilutor
  • Access ADM Dilutor
  • Access ADM Dilutor

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Product Description

Access mobile ADMliquid feed dilutor

 The liquid feed is kept inside an inner bag. This has a number of advantages, the unit need only be part filled, it can be moved from tap to tap without disturbing the dilution rate, and can be left part filled overnight.

A wider range of chemicals including those of similar density to water can be used. Just one dilution jet is needed - 200:1

Capacity 6.5 litres ( 1.4 gal), flow rate; min: 0.3m3/h(60gph), max 3.4m3/h(750gph).

Supplied with 1/2" and 3/4" hosetail and jets(100:1, 150:1 and 200:1)

Water regulations require appropriate backflow prevention.

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