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Large Self Watering Tray

Large Self Watering Tray

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Product Description

56cm x 40cm Self watering seed tray. Designed to stand on the floor, centre staging, or shelves, these self watering trays have a reservoir of water beneath the matting.

Keeps plants watered for up to 14 days, ideal for holidays and hose pipe bans.

As the plant dries, it draws water up from the matting . The matting in turn draws water from the reservoir. The plant only draws water when it needs it, preventing over watering and drying out problems.

We have used these trays in our display area for a number of years - we think they are brilliant!

Note: When full of water the trays can cause the 4' wide shelves to bow. It doesn't damage the shelves but does reduce how much water the tray will hold!


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Customer Reviews

I bought two of the smaller self watering trays to fit on the shelves of my Harlow mini greenhouse and was so impressed that I ordered the large one to stand on the floor. They are excellent quality and do their job exactly as stated. I can now go away knowing that my plants will be kept watered. I can certainly recommend them.
Got two of these trays to keep my seedlings alive while we were away for 2 weeks in april (some of tomato ones were over a foot high by then, so fairly thirsty). Excellent result - 100% survival and the water was still there for another week+ after we got back. Both trays were full of pots. Good job, would recommend the product.
Excellent last year, worked well while we were on holiday - but this year the matting is mouldy - how do we avoid that, and can we get replacements? [Editors note: We do replacements - I tend to take the mat off the tray and give it a scrub to get the algae off]

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