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We’ve been in the gardening game for well over 60 years now. We specialise in miniature greenhouses, mini growhouses, cold frames and lots more.

Our compact and innovative greenhouse designs, alongside our excellent quality and customer service, has solidified our reputation as one of the best online garden shops in the UK.

Our selection of products has been specially hand-picked to suit a wide range of garden aficionados, from the most accomplished green thumbs to the most novice garden hobbyists.

Our Gardening Products

Miniature Greenhouses

If you want to enjoy year-round cultivation, regardless of the space or weather, our miniature greenhouses are the perfect solution for you. Herbs, vegetables, fruits, and delicate flowers, all thrive in our miniature greenhouse designs.

Miniature Growhouses

If you’re hoping to grow seedlings, young plants, and mediterranean crops all year round, take a look at the different mini growhouses available on our online gardening shop.

Cold Frames

Cold frames are the best way to protect and shelter your new plants from the unpredictable nature of British weather. We’ve got a cold frame to fit every garden and need, so you can create the perfect environment for your plants and garden.

Raised Bed Kits

Raised bed kits allow for a more effective draining process and warmer soil temperatures. We stock a wide range of sizes on our online garden shop​​, as these handy products are an essential part of any luscious garden.

Garden Glass Cloches

Glass cloches are great at increasing the amount of heat and sunlight your plants receive with minimal effort on your behalf. Not only this but it can also protect your plants from any unwanted pests and pets.

Tomato Greenhouses

Tomatoes are both nutritious and delicious, but they’re also rather delicate and need plenty of sunlight to survive. Our tomato greenhouses are easily accessible, durable, and, most importantly, create the optimum growing conditions for your tomato plants.

Brass Hose Fittings

Brass hose fittings are more durable and robust than their plastic counterparts, as they keep their form when exposed to direct sunlight. Browse the garden shop online to find a wide range of brass hose fittings, including garden hose connectors and hose adaptors.

Garden Watering Systems

Hand watering can cover the basic needs of any garden; however, a comprehensive watering system is even more efficient. Our garden watering systems, such as liquid feeders, garden tap timers and watering lances, use components of professional irrigation at a level accessible to all plant lovers.

Electric Propagators

Germination and rooting are two of the hardest stages of any plant growth. However, a heated electric propagator can help ensure a higher success rate, as the soil and root is kept both warm and moist.

Outside Taps

Ornamental outside taps are an easy way to add playfulness to your garden. Squirrels, snails, and kingfishers are just a few focal points of these garden taps, which, apart from beautiful, are fully functional too.

Gardening Gifts

Part of a garden’s charm is the unique decor and greenery each plot of land has. Browse through our selection of stunning gardening gifts and garden accessories, such as watering cans, slate pieces for the garden and other gardening presents – all available on our online garden store.

Gardening Gift Vouchers

If your loved one has a green thumb, but you’re not too sure what they would enjoy, why not purchase a gardening voucher so that they can choose the perfect gift? Our vouchers come in bundles of £5, £10, and £50 to cover all your online gardening store needs.

What Makes Our Products Special?

We take great pride in offering solutions to all your gardening needs and we make sure there’s a model to suit every size, budget, and garden.

We only supply the highest quality of products on our online garden store. All our growhouses, cold frames, and mini greenhouses are manufactured in the UK and come with a 25-year framework guarantee.

Why Choose Access Garden Products?

We place superior quality and excellent customer service at the core of everything we do. Above all, we curate our product range with our clients and their satisfaction in mind. So whether you’re a professional green thumb or you’ve just begun gardening as a hobby, we’ve got something in stock for you.

Check out our extensive range of gardening products from glass cloches to gifts and even innovative irrigation systems, all available on our online gardening store.

Our Gardening Blog

We like to update our online gardening store with the latest news and affairs in the gardening world. Our gardening blog also teaches you how to assemble, use, and make the most of our gardening products.

Our Gardening Help And Advice

We’ve got plenty of growing guides, fixing tips, and video tutorials to help you understand our product range.

However, if you have any questions about our products, or you simply need help navigating through our gardening store online, don’t hesitate to get in touch! One of the members of our team will be on hand to provide you with any advice you may need.

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