2ft x 4ft Wooden Raised Bed Kit


This 4ft x 2ft wooden raised bed kit will reduce bending and provide earlier cropping and uses sustainably sourced, pressure treated timber.

  • Pressure treated timber
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Accepts Access Cold Frames

Using wooden raised beds in the garden gives a number of benefits. The crops are raised from the ground which improves drainage and also reduces bending when working on the raised bed. As the raised beds have to be filled with soil, they are ideal for gardens where the soil has a high clay content or the soil structure is poor. Bulk bags of good quality compost can be purchased to add into the bed, this can be supplemented with your own garden compost.

The 4ft x 4ft wooden raised bed kits are ideal for ‘grow your own’ vegetable gardens and general gardening. Each bed can be very productive and if a Cold Frame is added then crops can be started even earlier as the Cold Frame will help warm the soil.

Wooden boards are pre-cut, pre-drilled, sanded and pressure treated for a long life.

The 4ft x 4ft wooden raised bed kit is manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced timber which complies with RHS timber policies.

Actual planed board size 27mm x 116mm. Supplied in kit form and includes stainless steel fittings, instructions and delivery to mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland.

Actual external base dimensions 0.71m x 1.27m, to fit 4′ x 2′ Cold Frame (FH3) and Half Growhouse (FB3). Available with up to 5 tiers. 1 Tier (4.5″/11cm) 2 Tier (9″/23cm) 3 Tier (14″/35cm) 4 Tier (18″/46cm) 5 Tier (23″/58cm).

To calculate how much compost is needed in the raised bed multiple the length in m by the width in m x the height in m and then divide by 1,000 to give the amount of compost in litres. For example, 0.71m x 1.27m x 0.35m x 1000 = 316 litres. Bulk bags of up to 1,000 litres can be purchased.

Manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced timber which complies with RHS timber policies

Photographs show 3 Tier model. 

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