3mm toughened safety glass 610mm x 610mm – 3 pack

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3mm toughened safety glass is the same thickness as traditional horticultural glass, but has undergone a toughening process for extra strength and safety. The toughening process makes the glass approx. 7 times stronger and also ensures that if the glass does break, it will shatter into small pieces. Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass.

Traditionally greenhouses were glazed in 2ft x 2ft sheets of glass. This glass can be used to replace sheets of glass in traditional cold frames and greenhouses as well as our own mini greenhouses, growhouses and cold frames.

Unlike plastic or acrylic, glass will not flex; this allows it to withstand high winds without flexing and coming out of the framework. It will also handle snow loads. Glass is also much heavier than plastic, ensuring the greenhouse or cold frame has more weight to keep it on the ground in windy locations. Unlike twin wall polycarbonate, 3mm toughened safety glass is clear, allowing you to clearly see the plants inside.

Glass also traps the heat much better than plastic, ensuring the structure in more effectively warmed by the sun in early spring. The provides a longer growing season for the plants and much earlier crops.

Pack of 3 sheets of 610mm x 610mm (24″ x 24″) 3mm toughened glass. The glass is packaged in sturdy packaging to ensure it will travel safely in the UK carrier network – safe delivery is guaranteed.

Tempered to EN12150 certification.

Glass size: 610mm x 610mm (24″ x 24″). Thickness 3mm (1/8″ approx.)

This is a pack of 3 sheets of 3mm toughened glass. The glass is packed in sturdy timber and cardboard packaging and can either be collected from our factory or can be shipped on the carrier.

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