Mist Propagation

Mist propagation enables you to root your cuttings or germinate seedlings in a professional and effective way.

Benefits of our Mist Propagation Systems

By maintaining a film of water on the leaves and keeping your plants hydrated, propagation prevents wilting. It works best in greenhouses or poly-tunnels. Soil warming cables or heat mats are also recommended to ensure that the root temperatures are kept warm.

Our mist wean controller allows you to control the mist, and wet leaf sensors ensure that the bursts of mist are weather-responsive.

Simple to install and manage, our propagation kits provide everything you need, including the mist controller, wet leaf and all other equipment. These kits are the same as are sold to professional growers.

Provide mist to your plants the professional way today, and ensure they’re getting the heat, water and light they need.

For more information on our mist propagation systems, call us on 01788 822301 or email [email protected].

Mist Propagation