Glass Cloches

We provide a wide selection of glass cloches for your garden, which help your plans grow in optimal conditions. Cloches can be used all year round and allow gardeners to get ahead start or prolong the growing season.

We provide traditional Glass bell cloches, but also a new range of modern cloches which can be used on wooden planters which are perfect for herb growing. Cloches also allow you to protect your plants from pests and pets. When British summer time reverts to Autumn, your plants continue to grow in teh reduced sunlight and heat.

Benefits of Glass Cloches

Traditionally used by Victorian’s, glass bell cloche add style and sophication to your garden. The bell shaped cloches provide the perfect conditions for your plants and crops to grow and develop. From our range, come in a variety of sizes for smaller and larger plants.

Our glass cloches will not blow away in the wind like plastic cloches, ours are strong and sturdy. It’s also important to know that a glass cloche has superior light transmission and does not go milky with age.

Glass Cloches for Plants and Herbs

Our aluminium framed tall cloches include an innovative ventilation system, this allows for convection to draw cool air into the cloche. This is designed to prevent plants from overheating.

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