Large Glass Bell Jar Cloche

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Large glass bell jar cloche. A faithful reproduction of the original Victorian glass bell jar cloche – small and medium also available.

Both practical and decorative for outdoor or indoor use. They make excellent cloches for protecting young plants from harsh weather and will add character and charm to any garden. With the built on ball handle at the top, the cloches can easily be picked up and moved from plant to plant, or lifted up to tend the plant underneath.

Manufactured from real glass, the Victorian glass bell jar cloches are hand-blown for authenticity. The weight of the glass ensures that the cloches will not blow away in stormy conditions and, unlike plastic, glass will trap the warmth of the sun in early Spring, boosting growth. In February, if the cloche is placed on the earth over the planting position, it will allow the soil to begin warming up before planting. In warmer weather use a small piece of wood to provide a ventilation gap at the bottom, removing it at night as the temperatures cool.

In Victorian times the cloches were used to bring on early vegetable crops, with fields of cloches laid in rows, each with a tender plant underneath. Produce was taken to market to be sold, with a considerable price premium on the very earliest crops harvested. Large Victorian kitchen gardens would have had their own cloches for their vegetable supplies.

The term ‘cloche’ meaning bell in French originated in 1800’s as they were originally used in Parisian market gardens.

Large glass bell cloche: 12″ (30cm) diameter External height approx 30cm Internal height approx 25cm. These real glass cloches are hand blown in India.

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  1. I had been searching high and low for a classic glass bell-jar as big as this one for ages, doing a Google Search every now and then only to find that a) they were never quite as large as I needed, and b) despite its inadequate size, the stockist was charging a whopping £100+ for it! So, I was delighted when, doing another Google Search recently, I hit upon this beauty! It’s perhaps a little bigger than I needed (but that only makes its usage more versatile round the garden), and at just £40 it is an absolute bargain! It was quickly despatched, perfectly packaged, and I am delighted with my purchase i every possible way. R. Jenner, Surbiton

  2. We had searched for robust and reasonably priced cloches for some time before coming across Access’s Large Victorian Glass Bell Jars. Having initially ordered 3, which were well packed and arrived promptly, I subsequently ordered a further 6. Although primarily functional, they are also beautiful and add an aesthetic appeal and points of interest in both the vegetable garden and herbaceous border. 10 out of 10.

  3. We are pleasantly surprised with our cloche, it’s not only as big as it’s supposed to be ( not always the case with online purchases) but remarkably inexpensive too. Great product and service, thank you very much Graham and Avril Reinelt

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