Basket and Tub Watering

Hanging basket and Tub Watering systems are ideal for the garden. Hanging baskets look beautiful, but they can undoubtedly be hard to water. This can be problematic: hanging baskets can easily dry out, so need to be well looked after.

Benefits of our Tub & Hanging Basket Watering Systems

That’s why a hanging basket watering system is a great solution – they allow the efficiency and precision of drip kits to be extended to your hanging baskets. With our watering kit, your hanging baskets will receive precise and regular watering, without you needing to struggle on a stepladder with a watering can.

The systems are easy to install, and ultra-slim piping ensures that they remain unobtrusive when seen against your property.

We also supply all you’ll need to extend your watering set-up or add feed to the baskets. To really make the system trouble-free, we offer tap timers too. These are a reliable way of ensuring your plants are regularly watered, and save you having to even turn the tap on!

Our helpful video provides information on how the hanging basket watering system is set up.

Basket and Tub Watering