Garden Watering

Our sister company Access Irrigation has a website aimed at professional landscapers and growers. The garden watering kits on this site are aimed at keen hobby gardeners but use the same professional specification irrigation components.

Benefits of Garden Watering Systems

Garden watering systems have a number of benefits compared to hand watering. Watering will be carried out automatically, early in the morning when evaporation is lowest, so little water is wasted. Hand watering tends to be undertaken during the evening time when evaporation rates are the highest, causing lots of the water to be wasted.

Drip watering systems are much more efficient than hand watering, with the water going directly to the root zone of the plants. If the drip pipe is covered by a mulch, water losses are further reduced. Drip watering systems also spread the water evenly over the entire bed, reducing run off.

Garden Water Systems for Professional Landscapers and Growers

Our sister company Access Irrigation has a website aimed at professional landscapers and growers.  For more information on any of our watering systems, call us on 01788 822301 or email [email protected].