Border Watering

We’re pleased to provide a great range of border watering equipment.

Benefits of our Border Watering Kits

Sprinklers and drip kits are fantastic ways to ensure your beds and borders get the water they need.

Our sprinkler kit is a simple way to water a large area. Although they’re less efficient than drip lines as they use more water, sprinklers are really quick and easy to set up .

Where sprinklers spray water everywhere, drip kits precisely apply it only to where it’s needed – the roots. Pipes will be laid in your garden and the drip emitters are positioned close to the base of plants, where water will be slowly released. This makes drip lines a very efficient way of watering your borders.

Our helpful videos provide more information on border drip watering, and also on how to install a drip irrigation system.

We stock both large and small drip kits, as well as the equipment necessary to extend your border watering setup.

Both of these irrigation systems save you time and energy and increase the efficiency of your watering – browse our range below.

Border Watering