Liquid Feeders

Our range of liquid feeders, also known as dilutors, make it much easier than feeding your plants using a watering can with manually-mixed fertiliser. The dilutors are strong plastic containers which are filled with concentrated fertiliser, which is then diluted into the water stream. Simply put the concentrated liquid feed into the bottle, connect up the feeder to the water flow and when operating liquid feed is added to the water flow. In garden situations, a hand watering lance is ideal.

Benefits of our Liquid Feeders

Depending on your requirements, we provide both static and mobile dilutors to make your watering process much more efficient. The mobile dilutor is incredibly versatile, whilst the static option is more affordable.

Offered at affordable prices, dilutors make it easy to add liquid feed.

Reliability is a key benefit of our dilutors: with no moving parts, there’s no servicing requirements.

Liquid Feeders