4′ Growhouse

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4’ aluminium Growhouse with 3mm toughened safety glass plus adjustable seed tray shelves.

  • 4’ (1.21m) long freestanding Growhouse
  • 3mm toughened safety glass
  • 25 year framework guarantee
  • 4 adjustable seed tray shelves

The 4’ aluminium Growhouse is designed to stand anywhere in the garden. At 4’ 11” (1.49m) tall, the Growhouse is tall enough for full height tomatoes. The Growhouse does not need a special base, but will stand on any firm, level surface such as a patio.

Inside, there is plenty of space for plants. The Growhouse is ideal for over-wintering more delicate plants, bring on plug plants in the springtime and growing Mediterranean summer crops such as Tomatoes and Peppers.

The sliding doors provide easy access into the Growhouse and allow infinitely variable ventilation – just an inch or so in the early spring to wide open in the summer. In addition, the roof panels slide open for superb summer ventilation.

Aluminium structure with 25 year framework guarantee and stainless steel fixings – designed to last a lifetime! Ground fixings included.

The 3mm toughened safety glass provides excellent light transmission and traps early spring heat much better than plastic sheets, and unlike plastic will not go milky with age. The glass will not flex in strong winds or under snow loads.

The 2 narrow and 2 wide seed tray shelves can be adjusted for height and can be removed or dropped flat when not required in summer. Slim aluminium bars reduce shading of the plants below.

As an option, the framework can be Colour Coated.

Deluxe upgrade kit available. Includes glass middle staging and mist watering.

Optional extras include an automatic louvre vent, removable centre staging for extra capacity, mist watering, shading for sunny locations and shelf covers for smaller pots.

Delivery is Extra Choose to collect from our warehouse, or standard delivery to mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland. Self-assembly with comprehensive instructions.

Length: 4′ 0″ (1.21m) Height: 4′ 11″ (1.49m) Depth: 2′ 2″ (0.65m)

Main image: The 4’ Growhouse is shown with no optional extras.

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Customer Reviews

  1. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all at Access Garden Products. From the moment I made my what seemed to me to be a complicated order, I received considerate, helpful and courteous advice.

    I’m really pleased with my mini greenhouse it’s sturdy and strong, just perfect for my needs and I’m amazed that I was able to put it together unaided. I followed your instructions to the letter, taking my time and watching the video on you tube which made everything so much easier. My only hiccup involved the Louvre window which refused to work but that was neither your fault nor mine and I can only praise the expert help from Graham and the speedy dispatch of the replacement part which completed the construction smoothly.

    I’ve already recommended your company products to a friend of mine and I will be adding a few accessories from you to my Christmas wish list.
    Thank you once again, BH, Norfolk

  2. I have partial vision and still managed to erect this growhouse alone. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The finished product is a joy, well made and feels like it will last for years and years. I highly recommend this product.

  3. I purchased this as a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my parents, Access staff could not have been more perfect, delivery was great, even sending a card for me. My parents have been very pleased with the product, I have only recently seen it as they are over 100 miles from me. It is so practical and well made, with the accessories I purchased with it they are really pleased. Since my visit my parents had problems installing a glass panel and again access have been fantastic, replaced the glass and so quickly, I cannot praise them enough. When I move very soon their product will be the first in my new garden, well done Access. Great company.

  4. One small clip was missing but this was quickly supplied by post the next day. Quite easy to construct although lots of bolts to insert and tighten! Allow at least half a day if you do it yourself. Note it is very heavy when the glass is inserted so move the frame to its final location before glazing it. Shelves are not strong enough to hold very heavy pots but fine for small ones. I’ve placed a wooden board over the metal frames of the shelves to spread the load. Final product looks nice and is doing the job I bought it for. Overall a good quality product.

  5. First class service,from the moment I ordered. The Growhouse is great (although I found some parts of the erection a bit fiddly) but well worth the money. Just need to save to order a cold frame now :-).

  6. This is an excellent product. Well made and easy to assemble. I’m not saying it is quick to assemble. It took two of us most of a day but that was because we wanted to take our time and get it right. With these kinds of constructions, you do reep what you sow in terms of care when putting it together. For example, the “squaring process” is a stage that requires patience and care and which if done right will make all the difference when fitting the glass and the ease of sliding the doors. Anyone who has done “Meccano” as a child (I have done lots!) will find this easy to assemble. It is essentially adult Maeccano. The quality of the parts is excellent – all the holes line up and the parts fit together snugly and well. The instructions are well written and clear. I came a cropper on one step but when I re-read the instruction I realised I had mis-read it and assumed I had been provided with the wrong sized bolt- not so. I bought the optional ground fixing kit and recommend that. Easy to fit and again everything is provided. The only things which would enhance the product are better quality shelving- it is ok and does fold flat (which I wanted, so that I can grow tomatoes in the Summer) but isn’t very sturdy. The other improvement would be photos in the instructions. But otherwise it is a fabulous product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to add a greenhouse to their garden but doesn’t have the space.

  7. Just bought one for myself after buying for my parents 50th wedding aniv. All as others have said, takes time to put together and needs the time and care, but the result is fabulous. I now have over 400 plug plants growing at all levels and on the base/floor and they are thriving, the sun canopy was well worth the cost and the water seed trays are excellent. The handles are not great, they need a better way of securing, they come away in your hand, you have to slide the doors from they other end, but small price to pay, I researched this for many months and nothing came close. Really really pleased it is a gift for my 50th birthday, excellent product and great service would highly recommend and look forward to purchasing in the future. Many thanks Access.

  8. Firstly I must say that I love this Growhouse, I love the growing space that it give me and also the fact that it is glass and you can clearly see through it, my other products have been the plastic stuff which discolours easily. This product does give you the feeling it will last. However as a 50 plus woman with arthritic knees and fingers it took me a fair time to put together. The frame I managed by myself in approx. 3 hours, but some of the nuts and bolts were fiddly especially for my not so supple fingers, the holes on the frames lined up well. When putting the shelves together I had trouble gripping the smooth narrow round tubes, to be allow me to screw in the end brackets tight enough, this was solved by wearing a pair of rubber gloves that gave a better grip. When fitting the shelves into the frame I found that the fit was very tight even though I had screwed each end in very tight. When it came to fitting the glass the instructions for the easy glide tape and the rubbers was very complicated and the diagram did not help at all in fact I think it confused the issue. I believe close up photographs of certain sections would aid this process if not in the instruction manual but on the website. Videos are available for the sales pitch on the website and I think an assembly video would also be useful just for key point such as inserting the tape and glass and the rubber stoppers and squaring the frame etc. Some products use a 360 degree view of products where you can walk around and zoom in to take a closer look at certain areas. This would put your mind at rest where glass overlaps and if you have any gaps that you are not sure should be there. Shelves need trays or the shelf covers as the rods are very far apart. All in all I love it ‘now it is put together’ and I would definitely purchase another product and I’m sure the second one would be easier to put together now that I have done it once.

  9. This is an excellent buy. The instructions are clear and it is relatively straightforward to put together . Only one minor niggle is that the double sided tape for the front frame does not adhere very securely. However, this is a very sturdy construction. We put this up near a fence but not secured to anything and then went away. Our garden was then hit by storm force gales and we expected to see the Growhouse in pieces on our return. It was still there in one piece! It is exactly as described and I am very pleased with both it’s look and robustness.

  10. I am enjoying this product, as are the plants that are in it. There was a problem in the transportation as the carrier company managed to break the glass panels in one box, but this was quickly rectified by the office who knew about the problem before I did! The construction was easy enough (although I did think about hiring the partially sighted reviewer at one point!)after we had labelled all the pieces – a colour coded system might be advantageous. Although we have not had any problems with the items, I can understand the concern of a previous reviewer about the strength of the handles. I have had similar things before, but this is easily the sturdiest and gives plenty of room despite its size (it’s like sitting in a mini!). I would have no problem in recommending this product.

  11. I am writing to thank you for the safe delivery of the above and also to say how pleased I am with it. My husband put if up this weekend and it went together easily. We are both very pleased with the quality of the growhouse and I am looking forward to using it. We added the ground fixing to be sure it would be safe and again it was easy to put together. With many thanks. Christine Lilley

  12. The thing is not easy to put together…. I’ve unscrewed and rescrewed so many parts. If you have an Engineer brain you can put it together. it is great when finished. I went for the deluxe version… the center staging is good, but the mist watering is confusing. I’d say the watering needs a different plan and better instructions on how to angle it all. My setup will water stuff on the ‘platforms’ but not anything else…. I’d like to see a better watering setup

  13. Purchased Access Growhouse (FBG) + Upgrade 04/15. Superb well designed. Easy construction by average DIY guy. Summer bedding plants and tomatoes brought on a treat. Seen Autumn Flower Show Harrogate 09/15. Reminded me just how good item is. Highly recommended. Just the job when perhaps full size greenhouse not required. Thanks.

  14. I have always wanted somewhere to grow tomatoes that didn’t blow away in the wind or tear after a few weeks. I was therefore really excited to come across the Access Growhouse and bought one immediately. I must say I am delighted with it! I found it really easy to build and put it together by myself in about 3 hours. It is very sturdy and allows the sunshine in from all angles. At last I am growing my tomatoes and peppers without fear of them blowing away in the night! Thank you Access!!

  15. This is an excellent piece of engineering. Great materials, so much better than the cheaper plastic growhouses available. There is no chance of this one blowing away when the wind starts blowing! Very straightforward to build, it took about four hours working single handed. The video guide on the website was really useful; perhaps the best tip was to get a table to work on. It certainly avoids a lot of bending. The only problem I had was fixing the end pieces to the shelves; the 5mm screws were just too big for the plastic plugs. I simply replaced them with some 30*4mm woodscrews and all was well. My plants are racing away as I write and I’m delighted with this investment.

  16. What a great product, couldn’t find anything else like it on the market. Sturdy, well made and easy to assemble (I did it on my own in 3 hours and I’m a 57 year old housewife!). Ideal for growing tomatoes and bringing on seedlings. Would definitely recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t need a big greenhouse but does want a proper growhouse!

  17. The growhouse was easier to put together than it first appeared, especially after watching the YouTube videos, which were a great help. Our only problem was that we also bought the upgrade kit which gave an extra glass shelf. We built the unit then had to undo parts of it to fit the central glass shelf. Would have liked something in the instructions/video to advise at what stage to fit this (if being used). Really enjoying using the product and it is already full to overflowing with plants and seedlings. Have now bought the shading kit too. So pleased we invested in this instead of buying yet another plastic zip up greenhouse – it does the job so much better.

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