8 Function Metal Spray Gun



Professional quality metal spray gun with 8 spray patterns.
Dial selector allows selection of ‘shower’, ‘jet’, ‘mist’, ‘soaker’, ‘cone’, ‘full’, ‘angle’, ‘flat’ spray types. Features flow adjustment and trigger lock to allow the gun to be held on during watering. A comfort grip makes holding the spray gun comfortable over extended periods of time. Brass quick connector fitting to allow connection to plastic or brass snap connectors.

The body of the spray gun is manufactured from cast aluminium for lightness and durability. Inside, the spring is manufactured from stainless steel for durability.

  • ‘shower’ is great for general purpose watering
  • ‘jet’ function is ideal for cleaning patios and stubborn stains, as all of the water is focused in a single jet.
  • ‘mist’ is ideal for seedlings of washing off pests such as aphids.
  • ‘soaker’ is ideal for watering large shrubs where a lot of water is needed. The velocity of the water is slowed to prevent the soil being churned up.

A spray gun in the garden offers numerous benefits, simplifying various tasks with efficiency and precision. It facilitates watering plants and lawns with adjustable spray patterns, conserving water and reaching difficult-to-access areas. Additionally, it enables quick and thorough cleaning of outdoor surfaces, such as decks and patios. Overall, a spray gun enhances gardening tasks, making them easier, more effective, and environmentally friendly.

The metal spray gun is manufactured in Italy.

Protect from frost. In early Spring, when there is still the danger of frosts, it is recommended that the gun is removed from the hosepipe after use and stored upright so that the water can drain out.

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