Hose and Watering Lances

Regular watering is essential to keep your garden looking at its best. Our professional hose and watering lances make watering easy and are designed to commercial standards, ensuring a long life. The lances are manufactured in metal and will give many years service in the garden.

Benefits of our Hoses and Garden Watering Lances

Our range of garden hose and garden watering lances means you can keep your garden watered and looking pristine with professional quality equipment that’s built to last.

Spray guns spray water at different force settings, whilst garden watering lances are designed to deliver a much gentler shower of water, which is ideal for delicate plants. Watering lances are used by professional growers and nurseries.

Our top-quality garden hose is the professional gardeners choice and is available in different sizes and comes with a 20-year guarantee. It’s perfect paired with our hose reels.

Hose and Watering Lances