Tomato House

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4’ Tomato House with 3mm toughened safety glass plus adjustable seed tray shelves.

  • 4’ (1.21m) long freestanding Tomato House
  • 3mm toughened safety glass
  • 25 year framework guarantee
  • Superb ventilation to prevent overheating in Summer

The 4’ Tomato House is designed to stand anywhere in the garden. At 4’ 11” (1.49m) tall, the Tomato House is tall enough for full height tomatoes. The Tomato House does not need a special base, but will stand on any firm, level surface such as a patio.

Inside, there is plenty of space for plants. The Tomato House is ideal for growing vine tomatoes but can also be used for Mediterranean summer crops such Chillies and Peppers. With the addition of optional seed tray shelves, it can also be used in the springtime for seedlings.

The sliding doors provide easy access into the Tomato House and allow infinitely variable ventilation – just an inch or so in the early summer when the tomatoes are just getting going to wide open in the summer. In addition, the roof panels slide open for superb summer ventilation – this is especially important for tomatoes as they suffer if the temperatures under the glass get too high.

Aluminium structure with 25 year framework guarantee and stainless steel fixings – designed to last a lifetime! Ground fixings included.

The 3mm toughened safety glass provides excellent light transmission and traps early spring heat much better than plastic sheets, and unlike plastic will not go milky with age. The glass will not flex in strong winds or under snow loads.

Optional extras include an automatic louvre vent, removable centre staging for extra capacity, mist watering, shading for sunny locations.

Delivery is Extra

Choose to collect from our warehouse, or standard delivery to mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland. Self-assembly with comprehensive instructions.

Length: 4′ 0″ (1.21m) Height: 4′ 11″ (1.49m) Depth: 2′ 2″ (0.65m)

Main image: The 4’ Tomato House is shown with no optional extras.

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Customer Reviews

  1. When I ordered a Tomato House the quoted delivery delay was three weeks. It arrived only ten days after it was ordered. There was excellent communication from the Sales Team in the period between Order and Delivery.
    As I don’t want to assemble the item immediately the Safe Delivery Guarantee is a bonus because I don’t have to open the boxes to check that all the parts have been delivered – assembly can wait for some better weather! I can’t comment yet on the quality of the product or the ease of assembly but I can say that the customer service is excellent. 10 out of 10.
    MM – Bedfordshire.

  2. I bought one of these (at least I think it was this one, but shelves were included) having seen it online and then gone to the Southport Flower Show to see it “in the flesh” and ask some questions. The assembly instructions looked a bit intimidating, but as I was starting to psych myself up to have a go, my baby brother, who can do anything, intervened and did it all for us. It was a good day’s work even for him, but he did volunteer…. I’ve got all my tomatoes in there (eight pots, won’t plant so many next year!) and will get busy on the herbs and other veggies when the shelf covers arrive. I wish I’d got the tomato house a couple of years ago instead of messing around with plastic contraptions from a cheapo chain store (which shall be nameless).

  3. I have always wanted somewhere to grow tomatoes that didn’t blow away in the wind or tear after a few weeks. I was therefore really excited to come across the Access Growhouse and bought one immediately. I must say I am delighted with it! I found it really easy to build and put it together by myself in about 3 hours. It is very sturdy and allows the sunshine in from all angles. At last I am growing my tomatoes and peppers without fear of them blowing away in the night! Thank you Access!!

  4. This is a really nice product – sturdy and rigid, definitely won’t blow over in a breeze (especially if secured to the ground and wall). It’s roomy enough to host a good selection of different veg – my peppers are thriving in it and ripening well, aubergines and cucumber doing spectacularly. I recommend getting the additional shelf covers too as they fit the shelves perfectly (of course!) and are themselves good quality. I hired a handyman to put it up for me, and it took him about 3 hours. He said he thought the design was excellent except for one thing – the upper sliding glass door doesn’t have a stopper like the bottom one does which means it only has the roof frame edge to stop it sliding off and I’m finding this causes the frame to bend slightly if you’re not careful. Other than that, fantastic.

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