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Small Greenhouses

Small Greenhouses

These small greenhouses have been designed with the small garden in mind. The very narrow depth of the small greenhouse allows it to be placed in a narrow passageway or in a small courtyard garden. Even though the greenhouse is very small, there is still plenty of growing space inside

Small Greenhouse Guide

Benefits of small greenhouses

A small greenhouse is also ideal for gardeners who do not have time to look after something larger. Inside the small greenhouse you can keep tender plants over the winter, a few fresh herbs for cooking and bring on young seedlings in the spring. Although the greenhouse is small, the adjustable shelving system provides plenty of growing space.

Our small greenhouses are glazed in 4mm toughened safety glass and the sturdy aluminium framework comes with a 25 year guarantee. For more information on our small greenhouses watch our Video Guide.

Cold Frame accessories

Small greenhouse accessories

There are several accessories for our small greenhouses including shelf covers to allow small plants to be placed on the shelves and shade covers to keep plants cool in the Summer. Spares are also available to order online.

Half height extra narrow model with 4mm toughened safety glass and 2 seed tray shelves.

Half height extra narrow model with 4mm toughened safety glass and 4 seed tray shelves.

3' 4" (1.0m) long extra narrow model with 4mm toughened safety glass and 5 seed tray shelves.

Extra narrow model with 4mm toughened safety glass and 10 seed tray shelves.