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Value Growhouses

Value Growhouses

Growhouses are an ideal way of getting planting off to a flying start and over-wintering plants. A Growhouse will also allow you to grow more delicate plants that would not otherwise survive. For smaller gardens a Half Growhouse will provide plenty of growing space without taking up too much room, and can be fitted with a timber base for soil grown crops on the patio.

Value Growhouse Guide

Benefits of the Value Growhouse

Our Value Growhouses are designed to stand anywhere and provide a quality framework with 3mm horticultural (toughened safety) glass. Our unique sliding door design provides easy access and ensures superb ventilation. Adjustable seed tray shelves are included, but there is no mist watering system and no option to fit a louvre vent. Growhouse accessories include a cover to provide shade.

Two heights are available, the full height Value Growhouse is tall enough for tomatoes. The half Growhouse is ideal for seedlings and peppers. For more information on our Value Growhouses, watch our Video Guide.

Growhouse Accessories

Value Growhouse Accessories

Accessories include shade covers, shelf covers for small pots and self watering trays. Spares are also available to order online.

4' long growhouse with 3mm toughened safety glass. Includes 2 wide shelves and 2 narrow shelves.


4' long half growhouse with 3mm toughened safety glass, includes 1 wide and 1 narrow seed tray shelf.

3 tier sustainably sourced, tanalised wooden raised base for the Half Growhouse. SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL HALF GROWHOUSE.

8' long half growhose with 3mm tooughened safety glass, includes 2 wide and 2 narrow seed tray shelves. SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL WOODEN BASE.

8' long growhouse with 3mm toughened safety glass. Includes 3 wide shelves and 3 narrow shelves.