Raised Bed Kits

We sell a range of raised bed kits in various sizes. Take a look through our product range below, or have a look at our blog post.

Raised bed gardening is becoming ever more popular, particularly for growing vegetables. Not only do raised bed kits looks smart and attractive in your garden, but they also have a range of other benefits, including:

  • The soil in a raised bed kit drains more effectively and warms up more quickly, creating successful growing conditions.
  • Due to the fact that they are raised off the ground, raised bed kits require far less bending to tend to your plants, which is ideal for people with back problems or reduced mobility.
  • You can be sure that your soil will never be walked on or compacted with a raised bed kit, again protecting the growing environment of your plants.
  • Permanent paths can be laid between your raised bed kits, creating an attractive and accessible layout in your outdoor space.

Benefits of our Raised Bed Kits with Cold Frames

One of the unique benefits of a raised bed kit from Access Garden Products, is its compatibility with our range of cold frames. Simply place one of our cold frames into your raised bed kit for added protection for your plants.
Using a raised bed kit in combination with a cold frame also allows for early cropping.

The wood used to make our raised bed kits is sustainably sourced, and complies with RHS timber policies. The wood is pressure treated to maximise its life span for added value.Choose from our range of rasied bed sizes, depending on your garden size. Our products range from 2ft x 4ft for the smaller space, to 10ft x 4ft for a much bigger project.

For more information on any of our raised bed kits, watch our assembly video, or call us on 01788 822301 or email [email protected].

Raised Bed Kits